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Co-op Rules and Info

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Posted 27 December 2005 - 06:37 PM

The basic explination for co-op, is the people that organize and privately walk a server just for themselves.

Now for the extended version....
For the USEast co-op, they gather in #co-op on IRC, on irc.dcloneirc.net
At 8:00 PM each night, everyone that wants to participate, pays the 8 SCNL SOJ fee anyone that is in the chan and does not pay, will get booted.
After everyone has paid, the IP that will be popped that night is released. Everyone takes their own ip finders or whatever they use, and has 3 hours to search for the target IP.
At the end of that 3 hours, the moderator of co-op for that night, will sell the required amount of SOJ's to pop the server. Everyone that has games will get DClone and their annis and if there is anyone that did not get a game for some reason, there is no "freebies". Yes it sucks if you can't find a game, but its rare.

Each sunday (when co-op has leftover soj's from the weeks walks) co-op puts on an "Freebie Walk" for anyone that participated that previous week, using the leftover SOJs they walk a server for free, only for that weeks co-op members.