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Attack System

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Posted 19 February 2006 - 12:40 AM

If you need more health, post and you'll get gil's which can be used to purchase potions at the atkShop.

Here are the basics:

LEVEL: This is your current level. You will Start on level one and work your way up. People on levels higher than your own will be harder to kill, while those on levels lower will be easier targets, but you won't gain as much experience for attacking them. Please be nice to the lower levels, they do have feelings.

KILLS: These are the amount of people you have 'killed' They will also be called frags which are able to be stolen when attacking.

GIL: This is your money. You gain more money by posting. You can spend this money in the attack shop.

HP: This is the blue bar and represents your health. When it reaches zero, you are dead.

STR: This is the red bar and represents your strength. Different weapons use different amounts of strength.

EXP: This is the green bar and represents your experience. When this bar is filled you will go up to the next level

ATTACK USER: This link will be on everyone elses profile you view if they are alive. You can click this to attack them.

REVIVE USER: This link This link will be on everyone elses profile you view if they are DEAD. You can click this to revive them if you have a relevent revival tonic.

GUILDS: You can choose to join an existing guild or create your own when you meet the requirements. In here there will be a secret chat to discuss battle strategies with fellow guild members, as well as target and ally lists.

Here are the detailed aspects of the attack system:

Attack other members by clicking attack links in topics or profiles.

You will then have the option to choose a weapon based upon the STR you possess, and perhaps your member group if the forum has restricted certain weapons to certain groups.

Once you choose the weapon, the attack commences automatically. If you reduce your opponant's HP to zero, you will earn a frag ( kill ). You may steal frags from your defeated opponant if you have fewer frags than your opponant.

If you do not reduce your opponant to zero HP, they will automatically counter-attack. If they reduce your HP to zero, they will earn a Suicide frag, and may steal frags from you if you have more frags than they do.

You cannot attack the same member twice in an attack queue ( view your profile to see your attack queue ) but you *can* retaliate against someone who has attacked you if you are still alive.

Whenever you survive an attack, either as the attacker or the defender, you earn EXP. EXP brings you closer to new levels. When you attain a new level, you will gain more Max STR and Max HP. The amount of EXP needed for your next level will also increase and your current EXP will reset to Zero.

Defenders cannot level up, and will always be one point away from reaching their next level. You can only earn levels by attacking, not by being attacked. EXP earned as a defender is also quite reduced from the EXP you earn by making attacks yourself.

As you increase in levels, you also slowly gain more opportunities to attack per attack queue. Everyone starts with the opportunity to attack 6 times per attack queue.

Attacks expire based upon your level. As you increase in level, it takes less time for you to "recover" from an attack and regain the STR and HP you lost during that attack.

"Soon" listed in your attack queue means the expire time for an attack has been met, and the system is simply waiting for the task function to run and expire the attack. Soon could last for only milliseconds, or seem to last forever. Attacks that say "soon" will be expiring shortly as soon as the next task cycle runs.

Attacks made against you are maintained until you view your profile. If an attack has expired, it will say "expired" next to it. This is so you can review attacks made against you while you were away from the board.

Using the "Donate" link allows you to donate HP or STR to another player. Be aware that points donated in this manner do *NOT* recover naturally. You must use a healing item from the attack shop to recover donated stat points. This only affects current stats, not max.

You cannot use items while dead ( zero HP ) and this means that someone *else* must use Revival items on you.