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Diablo III - covered live in our #diablo-3 channel

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Posted 11 October 2008 - 01:23 AM

Ok, here is all the info on Diablo 3 we learned from Blizzcon so far. If you wish to post, please limit it to constructive questions/comments. We do not want unneeded spam/messages in this thread. Thank you.

Character Classes

* The newest announced class is the Wizard class.
* Additionally, it was announced there will be no healers or tanks, just damage classes.

Wizard - General Characteristics

* The Wizard was created to fulfill the canon/nuker role.
* The focus behind the Wizard was to play the canon/nuker role and do it in a new and interesting way.
* The basic philosophy of the Wizard class is "High Magic" i.e. manipulating time and space.
* The development of the Wizard is designed to take the class away from elemental magicks, unlike the Sorceress in D2.
* There is also a Teleport skill.
* The wizard class is characterized as young, rebellious, overly brilliant, volatile/out of control, brash, and self confident.
* The Wizard class is described as the "light show" of D3.

Wizard - Skills

* The first revealed skill for the Wizard is "Magic Missile", which is like Fire Ball on D2, without the fire.
* The second skill is "Electrocute", which is like a beefed up version of Lightning.
* After those first skills, a skill called Slow Time is next. It appears to create a "time bubble" that will slow enemies inside it while the Wizard moves at normal speed
* The next skill is Disintegrate, which looks like a "beam of death" that melts the enemy. Ouch. Also, the longer Disintegrate is held on a target the more the damage increases and the more it melts the target.
* There is a Tornado skill. The Tornadoes don't just hit enemies, they move them as well. The Tornadoes are made from energy and are very light and visible, and they don't appear to be as erratic as the Druid's Tornado in D2.
* There is a new skill called Arcane Orb
* There is also a Blizzard skill, and it appears to be more hail than snow.
* There may also be a type of homing missile or multiple missiles.

Witch Doctor - Skills

* The Witch Doctor seems to cast spells by filling skulls with various potions and liquids and throwing them.
* The Flaming Skull skill looks as if you are throwing balls of fire.
* The Witch Doctor has a Zombie Wall skill that deals damage to any enemies that come in contact with it. You can see this skill in the game play video.
* There is a Locust Swarm skill that will devour an enemy and move on to the next.
* The Witch Doctor has a Fire bat skill as well.

Barbarian - Skills

The Barbarian only has 1 new skill aside from those in the game play video, and that is Hammer of the Ancients. This skill lets you use a "god hammer", whatever that is.

Skill System

* The goal of the Skill system in D3 is: simple to understand, compelling for early and late game, provide a large variety of build possibilities, and utilization of 6-7 active skills, instead of the 2-4 usually found in D2 builds.
* Several skill systems were tested before the above was decided on, including a Radial system, a Skill Wheel, and Skill Cards.
* There will be both active and passive skills.
* There will be a method to redistribute stat and skill points, but it hasn't been implemented in the game as of yet.

Skill Runes

* A major change to the Skill System is the introduction of Skill Runes.
* These Skill runes will provide passive effects to attack abilities, and as of yet are not class specific.
* It has been said that Skill Runes will be a Rare drop, but still function on a tier system.
* There are currently 5 tiers of runes, and Tier 5 runes are classified as a "very rare find".
* These Skill Runes will not be fixed to a particular skill; you'll be able to move the Runes around.

The following Skill runes have been revealed:

* Multistrike - allows skills to hit multiple enemies. Electrocute behaves as Chain Lightning, and the Witch Doctor's Flaming Skull will bounce until it hits a wall, allowing you to clear a hallway for example.
* Power - appears to provide constant damage to skills. The Flaming Skull will sit on the ground and burn for constant damage.
* Lethality - provides area of effect damage to skills. The Wizards teleport skill can deal AoE (Area of Effect) damage this way, and the Witch Doctors Flaming Skull will explode, causing AoE nuke damage.

Q&A Section:

This is a summary of the open Q&A section at Blizzcon. The questions and answers have been rewritten for clarity, and we may have missed some questions tongue.gif

Q: Is there a secret cow level?
A: The secret cow level is a secret.

Q: Will power leveling be prevented or promoted?
A: We aren't into the whole power leveling thing, but we're not sure what to do about it. The ability to redistribute stats/skills may eliminate power leveling. We plan to revisit this in the future.

Q: Will the Rune system be class-specific or will it be broad based?
A: The Rune system is open right now, but it may be made class-specific in the future.

Q: In regards to the rune system, are they random drops? Can people collect all the runes, or just some of them, or just one?
A: Rune drops are fairly common, but get rarer as you go up in tiers. You should always be able to find runes.

Q: How many classes will be melee oriented, and how many for spell casting?
A: (They wouldn't answer this one, saying it would give away information on classes that haven't been released yet.)

Q: Will there still be Norm, NM, and Hell?
A: Yes, there will still be the 3 difficulties.

Q: How do runes affect your skills? How does your level play into this?
A: Runes are solely a modification of your skills. As you level up, you'll find higher tier runes, and as you level up the runes will deal more damage/effects.

Q: How are player deaths handled?
A: Player deaths against bosses will be different; the system is still being worked on.

Q: Will runes take up inventory space? Also, will you get more inventory space than just a backpack?
A: Yes, runes take up space. You can get more bags to increase your inventory space. There are limitations on it, but you can gradually increase your inventory space over time.

Q: Does Wirt get his leg back?
A: (They didn't answer this one either) biggrin.gif

Credits: Knights-of-Kneee for all the info, Dragoon for compiling most of it! and sango for the original post and taking notes...

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