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D3 Blizzcon 2009

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Posted 21 August 2009 - 03:03 PM

new class, the Monk.

inspired by the old pen and paper rpgs, hes fragile, fast, and melee orientated.
while being a good contrast from the barbarian. while feeling like a first person fighter character.
he will have some holy magic, and be focused on speed over toughness
basicly for hit and run tactics. with compimentary skills for combinations that will flow together.
meanwhile giving a bigger chalange in the early start of the game.

Monk Lore.

wanting an eastern european style with asian influences they are the new holy warriors of the game, raised in secluded monasteries and are known to be fighters from birth. they have tatoos of their 1001 gods upon their backs.


the monks report to the patriarchs, and do the dirty work of their church.
when they are not fighting, they spend time in meditation.
they are known throught the world, where people respect and fear them.

Combo System

wondering how to create a combo system for D3, they looked back at D2 and decided that they liked the combo system from the assassin. however, there was a problem. there was nothing to kill once you had combos up and ready to use. so, its modeled more after the WoW rogue combo system.

Way of the Hundred Fists is just one of the skills that the monk will get. it has the ability of a charge-up skill. and will have a melee, an aoe, and charge. (remember the paladin skill charge it would be a bit like that)

Crippeling wave is another of the skills that the monk will use, it focuses on debuffs in 3 hits, 1 slows movement.

Exploding Palm. it focuses on internal damage. 2 normal hits, 3rd hit is a bleed, and if the target dies it expodes and does aoe damage to all other targets within range.

you Can mix and match from all three of those skills, so points from each stage count to other moves, not just the move you started with.

7 Sided Strike is modled after the Chain Lightning from the Sorc in D2. however, the Monk, is the lightning. thinking this loked lame, they added a Ton of explosions.

Special Effects and Graphics.

the Monks movement style is jam packed with marital arts design. he is very fast with a balanced movement. his holy spells are to have a yellow/white color pallet. he will have runic knowlege and be able to use runes. some of the runes he uses will frame an area where the action takes place. they appreciate art and its form.

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Posted 21 August 2009 - 08:16 PM

Other Hero Upgrades.

Witch Doctor.
The witch doctors spider totem seemed to be to noisy and it didn't seem to work for a dark theme. so, it got renamed to Carrion Spiders. there will be fewer spiders, but they will be larger. they will come out of a corpse you raise from the floor.

the wizards stoneskin was very difficult to read, and it didn't look quite right. the new stoneskin will look like shining crystals.

the barbarians WW has been upgraded on looks. it now looks a lot more hectic.

Other things.

Runes are found to socket into your skills to change them. (more info is in last years Blizzcon coverage.)
runes will NOT go away, but they are not in the build currently. they will be disabled till other things are fixed up better.

the diablo monsters will be kept simple, for they will live for only about five seconds after landing on the screen, so to make things better, each monster will have one type of combat, and putting alot of types of critters on the screen at once. so, target identification will be key, to know what you want to kill first.
their color and shape will help identify what they are.

Types of critters.

Swarmers will be weak, but will have big numbers.

ranged will be fast and dangerous.

Leutenants will have the ability to ressurect

Elites will have high damage attacks.

Aoe chars will nuke an area.

weakeners will debuff, slow, or drain.

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Posted 21 August 2009 - 08:40 PM

Questions & Answers!!

Q) Is this coming out before WoW Cataclysm?
A) It will be out when it is done.

Q) The favorite class is amazon will you use a class like that?
A) It will be a secret till next year.

Q) Crafted items.. you didn't go over it.. will you expand the Horadric Cube crafting system?
A) There are things that we liked and didnt like about it. players had some control, but all recipees were hidden.

Q) Will there be Crybarbs in the game?
A) They will think about it.

Q) What weapons will a monk be able to use?
A) They looked at no weapon's on a monk, but a monk needs weapons, because what weapons he has, will define what skill he uses.

Q) Will the game be as dark as the Diablo, and Diablo 2?
A) More terror/scary, they feel like they are going in that direction. it will have a dark tone, but not in art style they want it to be more vibrant.

Q) Monk combo system, can you use the second skill all the time instead of the third?
A) If you wait and time your attacks right, you can do it.

Q) Is boss farming going to be huge? and, will Duriel drop me if i dont have frost res?
A) they dont know on the bosses, but they don think that they will need that.
A) Boss farming will happen, because they will drop the best items, items will be diversified and accesable in other places besides just off bosses.

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Posted 22 August 2009 - 02:46 PM

More Questions and Answers over in  http://www.dcloneirc...?showtopic=2312

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Posted 22 August 2010 - 05:00 AM

Couldnt think of a better place or this, but could you please post a list of post levels and how many points it takes to get there. I mean, how long am I going to be a mushling? Levels and posts to get there would be helpful.

Skarnuckle, Esq.