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D3 Blizzcon 2009 Questions and Answers! (Part 2)

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Posted 22 August 2009 - 03:39 PM

Questions and Answers! Part 2. August 22 2009

Q) What efforts are you making for D3 hacking prevention?
A) Item duping was a big thing in D2, and they learned a lot from it and wow, and are implimenting them.

Q) Tyreal is a fan favorite and well designed character, how will he be brought into D3?
A) You will have to play to find out

Q) How is the pvp system going to be implimented in D3?
A) They have not announced it yet, but they dont intend to support the go hostile at any time, because it hurts the co-op gaming to much. but they will support pvp.

Q) How is battlenet going to be set up for game selection?
A) Right now they have not done alot on battlenet design, but they intend to get something more verbose than the list that D2 had, And they want to support some kind of matchmaking system.

Q) Do you plan to have synergies in the D3 talent trees?
A) In D2 1.10 synergies worked well, but in the new system they don't seem necessary. The skill system is so different in D3 that they wont be needed. They may be used for character customization later.

Q) Are there going to be more variety of questing?
A) Questing in D3 is a large area to grow, they are trying new game-play mechanics and things in D3.

Q) They said they wanted a classic fighter style for the monk, are they going to see any sort of eastern style Sudoku? (SP)
A) Don't be surprised to see anything.

Q) Length depth and replay value for those that dont want to mf, how will the replay value be? or handle replay-ability?
A) D2 did a lot for replay, random area's maps monsters and things they are adding events. In D2, whatever path to the best items was the path to run all the time, theres alot of assorted problems there. the next job they have is they have alot of content, and they will have you replay alot of it alot longer... for instance, WoW quests make you walk around alot and they are working on systems that accomplish the same thing.

Q) Will there be Necromancers in D3 as npc's or as players?
A) Are you saying will you see Zayle in the game? HMMMM Maybe.

Q) D2 Patch 1.13 are you adding any content to help the xfer to D3?
A) the D2 team is not the team that does D3, and they dont want to speak for them.

Q) Where is the hammerdin, and what roll will it present in D3, as playable or as lore?
A) as Lore... but there are long term plans for the paladins.

Q) Fan of Hardcore. Will there be any features for hardcore players alone?
A) We want harcore, post ideas on the forums, and we want to see a hardcore nude mode..
no items at all in harcore.. apperently 8 guys in germany did it, no items at all and killed baal in hell.

Q) In D2 Tyreal was a main char and a renigade angel, can you tell us anything about how the high heavens feel about his actions?
A) We are not revealing any details about it, but we do address the issues and the high heavens are not pleased with his actions.

Q) Will gold have a real value or will it be just as useless in D2?
A) Gold in D2 lost its value, they want gold to be an actual currency instead of SoJs

Q) The big gap in D2 to LoD in D2 items were different, in LoD everyone uses the same items.
A) It was designed that the rare items can be better than the uniques, the key for that for them is 'can the uniques fill a different roll' for instance, abey a unique ammy you can see the item on the character, and the rare you can't

Q) To get in a party, will you be able to pick your friends into the party and find them?
A) its importatn that you get he people you want in your game and not random people that can ruin your game.

Q) How are you doing town portals and waypoints?
A) Waypoints will be very similar to the way it is in D2, Town portals, they are trying to remove them, because they effect combat, they are to be there for convenience, not to avoid death.

Q) Will you look at ways to reduce travel time?
A) Yes. dungeons will have exits at the end. "Resserection" will help

Q) the wizzard in the demo seemed very slow, is it changing or are the specs effecting it?
A) Skills were allready spent in the demo, and arcane orb is slow moving, and thats the build used in the demo.

Q) In last years build, the Witchdoctor, you could set your dog on fire or poison it, what happened to it in this years demo?
A) The effects were having difficulties without effecting the visuals, they are working on it but its customization on skills and is not being shown now.

Q) Phasing in D3, will it be used? Are we having class specific quests? if you impliment it what do i get? :D
A) Phasing tech is cool. (its used in WoW) currently, its not there in D3, because the world is not persistent.
A) One of the goals is to expand the story and hero's in the game, hero's have a lot more dialogue. and class quests sounds like a good idea.

Q) How will item looing be like in D3?
A) All items are assigned to a player as they drop.

Q) Will you be able to trade items between accounts?
A) There will be a way in the game to do it.

Q) Has the game play format for D3 become more N00B Friendly?
A) They spent an enormous amount of time developing the UI, and think that its an easy game to be able to play.

Q) You used the word "Rune" for character customizing, will runes be back or will we have to use gems?
A) Runewords are a new skill customization ssytem, are they going to have crafting? no comment.

Q) Music plays a big part in D2, will D3 have a musical feel for each zone?
A) There will be really specific stuff, they will not release anything thats not in the demo untill Release.

Q) In D2, Projectiles are innacurite, will there be a new system for projectile movement?
A) No, they dont really intend to have any system for projectiles, the weakness for projectiles is that they miss sometimes.

Q) Will the skill tree's have only PVE skills or will you hav PVP skills into the characters?
A) Part of supporting PVP is building it into the characters as they develop them.

Q) Level Design :: D1 was closed, D2 was open at the start then closed up, D3 demo seems closed, are you working on one of these or is this a new direction in the design?
A) The openess or closedness of an area will depend on the story of the area.

Q) Will there be a D3 map editor for the client?
A) NO!

Q) You said that Diablo will be appearing in D3, is this true?
A) We never said that Diablo will be appearing in the game.

Q) Will gambling be implimented in D3?
A) We cant really say at this time.

Q) Can you bring back sound effects from D2 into D3 for deaths and such?
A) Yes, there are allready some in the demo.

Q) Class specific items, stones and staffs are for wizards, where are you going with them in D3 compared to what was done in D2?
A) They plan on having class speficic items for every class in D3. they want them to be cool and showy items, no belt for the barbarian as a class speficic item, becaus you cant see it.

Q) Will Meph and Baal be back in D3?
A) They are not talking about who you will be fighting, but there may be a sitcom staring all the brothers.

Q) Monster Recoil, and them making a sound of pain. D3 demo doesnt react like this, will you add recoil?
A) Every creature does have recoil, there is a % chance for recoil on every char.

Q) How much time do we have left?
A) Enough to answer this question. Thank you.

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