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How to: KCH (Standard and Advanced)

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#1 Miku

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Posted 13 April 2010 - 08:23 PM

Hello, Miku here from irc #useast-dclone.  Today I will guide you step by step through KISSCloneHunter (KCH).

Table of Contents:
What Is KCH?
Section A: One "Diablo II" Window (aka one client)
Section B: Multiple "Diablo II" Windows (aka multi-clienting)
Section C: Options And Things You Can Do With KCH
Section D: Potential Problems That You Might Encounter

Two things before we start:

1) You can download KCH here.

2) Please read the README.txt file that comes with KCH.

Now, what is KCH?

KCH is a program designed to make it very simple for you to manage your Diablo II Client(s) for hunting the infamous Diablo Clone!  There are 2 modes, Standard and Advanced; both of which will be covered in this guide.

As for the workings of KCH, it is written in AutoIt3 Script which is open source.  It uses simple memory reading and keyboard/mouse emulation to control the Diablo II client.  In other words, NO INJECTION OR MODIFICATION.  This however, never means that a 3rd party program is safe to use and the user should understand this.  Lastly, if you doubt the safety of this, many users have already been using this for a long time and have not had problems, but as stated before, the use of 3rd party programs to interfere/interact with Diablo II is technically a violation of their EULA.  Just an FYI bit.

Now then, let's jump right in shall we?

Section A: One "Diablo II" Window (aka one client)

Using KCH with one client is very simple.

The following steps will get you off and hunting in no time!

Step 1 (without trying to hold a game... explained in Step 4b):

Start up Diablo II and KCH (duh?)
Make sure your character is in the lobby or a channel.  Also something to note is that Diablo II does not have to be maximized.  By default on "Standard mode" it will minimize Diablo II.
Posted Image

Step 2:
After that, click on the "Run Standard" button.
You will see the following:
Posted Image

Here you can enter information such as the IP to hunt, the game name prefix and the password (if left blank, it will generate a random password)

For this example, KCH will create games called "miku1-x" where x is the number of games it has made and with the password of "qw" and will attempt to find the IPs 66 and 141 with a delay of 180 seconds (that's 3 minutes).  180 seconds is a relatively safe number to use.*

*180 seconds will still get you realm down, but using 180 is fine for about 4 hours worth of hunting, which is way longer than you should be hunting anyways... just tedious side info :)

Click the massive "NEXT ->" button when you have put in everything.

Step 3:
This step is a confirmation of the settings as well as instructions on what to do with your char (which you should have already done if you're following this guide :) )
Posted Image

Just FYI, the AutoIt icon will be displayed in your taskbar when you run KCH.  AutoIt is the script type that KCH is built on.

Click on "OK"
Step 4a
Off you go!  KCH will begin to create games.  It will leave them after the "Delay" time has elapsed and create new games.
I don't have a proper screenshot for this, but you will know that it is running when you press "OK" from the last step.

Step 4b (holding a game with KCH):

Ok so let's say you were in a private mf game and you decide you want to hold that game while you go out and have a good time with your buddies.  No problem!  KCH will hold your game as long as possible (barring your internet doesn't go out, bnet crashes, the world ends etc...)

At this point, KCH will then notice that you're in a game and will prompt you to make a decision.
Posted Image

Click "Continue" to hold the game you are in.

If you click "Try Again", it will make your character leave the game it is in and proceed to hunt normally.

Situations That Might Happen While Running KCH
Ok... Here are some things that will happen from time to time...

1) The dreaded "Fail To Join"
Posted Image

KCH will tell you when it fails, so no worries.  

2) Changing IPs / Delay
Posted Image

By clicking on the Change IP or Delay button, you can "on the fly" edit the settings that KCH is using.  In the above example, I have added in a bunch of IPs for KCH to try and find.

As for the Change Delay button, it is pretty self explanatory.

3) KCH Crashes: "Window: Diablo II does not appear to be running etc..."

I actually ran into this problem when making this guide.  It happened because I was running reporter with the option to change the Diablo II window title to show the IP.  So if you want to use reporter and KCH, DO NOT set reporter to show the IP in the title.

Any other errors/problems that aren’t covered here can be reported to me or Portal (preferably me, because Portal is a busy guy :) ) and I/he will try to help you out.

Step 5: The All Important Find!
This is what you've been waiting for!
Posted Image

As you can see in the screenshot, KCH has notified me with a pop-up (and a sound, but you can’t screenshot a sound :/) that it has found a game on one of the IPs that I was hunting!

Once KCH has found a game on the IP you are hunting, it will then anti-idle (to prevent you from losing the game) meaning you do NOT have to do the a5 or a2 trick - KCH anti-idles way better than you ever could :).

Should you actually leave the game (for any reason) while KCH is running, it will attempt to rejoin that game to try and save it; you will also hear a very displeasing sound :(.  Should KCH fail to rejoin, it will begin to hunt again.

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#2 Miku

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Posted 13 April 2010 - 08:26 PM

Section B: Multiple "Diablo II" Windows (aka multi-clienting)

Alright, so youíre Mr. Bigshot with multiple Diablo II cd key sets but you don't know how to run KCH with it?  No problem, look no further.

Step 1:
Once you start up KCH, click on the "Run Advanced" button.

You will see something like this:
Posted Image

This can seem overwhelming, but I promise you its very simple.

For the average user, they will never need anything other than the default profile, the settings you use on this run will be saved over to the next one, so you donít have to do very much the next time you run KCH.

The options here are the same as "Standard mode" and at this point should be fairly self-explanatory.  The only new features on "advanced" are the ability to stop or delay a client from making games after a certain amount of time or games and the "Groups".  Personally, if you leave it like it is by default: "No Action" with a delay of 180, you should be fine, but if youíre paranoid of Realm Down, then feel free to change it as you see fit.  As for groups, you probably wonít even need to use this unless you have more than 4 cd keys and a proxy (explained below).

Instead of a tedious explanation, let's go with an example.

Lets say you have 18 key sets.  And you only have 1 proxy.  If divided equally, you have 9 on your IP and 9 on the proxy.  Now, with the groups setting, the first 8 that are on your IP, you set to group 1.  The 2nd set of 8, you set to group 2.  What this means is that if Group 1 managed to fill up 4 games on a hunted IP, all other clients in that group will stop.  This is because you can only hold 4 games on one IP from a certain IP (thus is why you have a proxy, to get 4 more :) ).  This is a very useful feature for the few of you who have enough keys for this to work.  

Lastly, same as "Standard mode", you can minimize all of your D2 clients once you have your characters in lobby.  There is no need for you to watch them after all :)

Once you have entered all the settings in that you want, click the "Hunt with selected windows and settings ->" button.

Step 2a: Hunting Normally
Okay, so you have your clients running, so what does it look like?
Posted Image

As you can see, KCH will again notify you if something goes wrong like an FTJ and what is in a game etc.

Again, there are a lot of buttons up there, but it is not as complex as you might think.

Pause/Unpause is pretty obvious.  If you click this, any selected clients will stop hunting for a while.

Change IP and Change Delay are exactly like the one in "Standard mode" and you should be familiar with them by now.

The last button "Join Game" is there for when you get a game from one of the channel bots: either from Co-op or from a free walk.  When you get a game name//password from them, you should select a client, then click the "Join Game" button.  It will pop-up a dialogue asking you for the game name//password in that exact format.  This feature is easy to use and will make your life much more simple.  The "Join Game" button can be used to join any game, not just ones from co-op or free walks by the way.

The Unload button simply unloads KCH from that client.  So lets say I wanted to stop the first client.  I would select it with the check box, then click on "Unload" and viola.  No more hunting on that client!

Step 2b: Holding A Game
This is similar to the "Standard mode" however there is a different box that pops up when KCH notices that you are in a game already.
Posted Image

By clicking "No", KCH will then hold the game you are currently in.  When it comes to holding a game, the settings you put into KCH do NOT matter.  They only matter if you are planning on hunting.

If you click "Yes" (I know, a little confusing) KCH will begin hunting with the settings you input on the "Start up" tab.

And finally, clicking cancel will unload KCH from this client.

Step 3: Found Games And Held Games
Posted Image

Congrats!  KCH found you a game.  Unlike the "Standard mode", you will not receive a popup notification on your task bar, but you will still hear the novelty sound (assuming your sound is turned on...) notifying you that KCH has found a game :).

This screenshot also shows what it is like when you choose to "Hold" a game.

The buttons on this tab are pretty obvious, so I will not go into detail about them.

Oh no! Your game dropped!
Have no fear.  KCH will gladly attempt to rejoin your game.
Posted Image

As you can see in both KCH and my D2 Window, KCH is attempting to rejoin the lost game Miku2-1//Butts.  If for some reason it cannot rejoin the game, it will proceed to hunt with whatever settings you started it up with.  Of course, these settings can always be changed on the fly via the "Hunting Windows" tab and the buttons previous noted about.

#3 Miku

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Posted 13 April 2010 - 08:31 PM

Section C: Options/Settings and Things You Can Do With KCH

1) Run reporter! DO IT!  You can get it here. Just make sure if you are running in "Standard mode" that you DO NOT have the "Show IP in Window Title" option checked on reporter.  You can use that option with the "Advanced mode" though.  This is noted in the README.txt file that comes with KCH.


3) Edit the time KCH spends in the lobby. (Both "Standard" and "Advanced" modes)

This is fairly easy.  Open the KCHadv.ini file and right there at the very top, under the [Reserved] line is


The number is how many seconds KCH will wait in the lobby screen.  Personally, I think the default of 5 is too quick, so I set it to 10 like this:


Easy enough.

DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE IN THERE.  If you are having issues with Sandboxie, see "Section D: Potential Problems That You Might Encounter: #5".

4) Changing the defaults for "Standard" mode in KCHadv.ini

This is basically the same as the above section, but instead of just editing the "DelayBeforeNewGame" option, I will list all of them.

These are the original defaults that can be changed:

--- Time spent in lobby

--- Checks for updates from Portal's website

Standard Difficulty=Hell
--- Default difficulty to hunt in

Standard Title=Diablo II
--- Window title of Diablo II

Standard IP=66, 141
--- IPs to look for

Standard Duration=180
--- Delay to wait in games

Standard Prefix=(random)
--- Prefix for the game names (ie Miku1-x from the "Standard" example above)

Standard Password=(default)
--- Password for your games

Standard Notification=
--- What bnet account to notify upon finding a game

Standard Minimized=1
--- Run Minimized (0 = false, 1 = true)

Standard Stop on Sale=1
--- Stops the hunt if the game you are in has a sale (0 = false, 1 = true)

Standard DisableBeep=0
--- The beeping noise when you are close to leaving a game to hunt another (0 = false, 1 = true)

Sandboxie=C:\Program Files\Sandboxie\
--- The install path to Sandboxie (Not used for "Standard" mode)

All of these settings (except DelayBeforeNewGame and Sandboxie) can all be changed through the KCH interface at any time.

5) RUN REPORTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please? :)

#4 Miku

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Posted 13 April 2010 - 08:33 PM

Section D: Potential Problems That You Might Encounter

1) The dreaded "Fail To Join"
See "Section A: Step 4b: 'Situations That Might Happen While Running KCH' #1" for one client or "Section B: Step 2a" for multiple clients to see what it looks like.

2) Changing IPs / Delay
See "Section A: Step 4b: 'Situations That Might Happen While Running KCH' #2" for information on how to use these buttons.  Same for the "Advanced" client.  The buttons are in a different location, but they do the same thing.

3) KCH Crashes: "Window: Diablo II does not appear to be running etc..."
See "Section A: Step 4b: 'Situations That Might Happen While Running KCH' #3"

4) KCH cannot detect your character is in lobby
This usually only happens with "Advanced mode" but can happen for both...

I do not have a screenshot for this, however this notification simply means that you characters are not selected and in the b.net lobby.  This could be because you recently disconnected or that you just forgot to put them in the lobby to begin with.

By clicking on the "Retry" button, KCH will attempt to continue hunting.  This assumes that you have manually moved your character back to the lobby screen.

5) KCH fails to find Sandboxie (Advanced only)

You need to edit the KCHadv.ini file located in the same folder as the KCH client.

You will want to edit the following line to wherever you installed Sandboxie to:
Sandboxie=C:\Program Files\Sandboxie\

So like me, I installed Sandboxie to F:\Program Files\Sandboxie instead of to my C: drive, so I changed it to read this:
Sandboxie=F:\Program Files\Sandboxie\

Any other errors/problems that arent covered here can be reported to me or Portal (preferably me, because Portal is a busy guy :) ) and I/he will try to help you out.

And finally:

Thanks to Portaldaemon000 for writing KCH and keeping it up to date, as well as reading over this guide to correct my mistakes :)