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Diablo II Patch V 1.11 Information

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Posted 05 November 2005 - 04:41 PM

I take no credit for any of the following.

Diablo II Version History
- Patch 1.11

A new Mystery has been revealed!

- Players of Hell Difficulty Realm games are hereby warned once again,
that a series of new and challenging tests await you! The answer lies
within Diablo's Bosses, which span across the world from the Den of Evil
to the Throne of Destruction...

New Items

- Added 10 New Runewords.
- Added new Unique Items that will drop from Special Bosses.

Hireling Enhancements

- Players can purchase hirelings that are within 1-5 levels below their
own level.
- The rate at which hirelings gain experience has been increased. They
should now stay closer to the player's level.

Major Bugs

- Creating a town portal when corpses or other objects entirely fill the
area where the portal will appear in town will no longer crash the game.
- Skills obtained from runewords created while the item is equipped will
no longer disconnect you from Battle.net when chosen.
- Barbarians will no longer become stuck when using Whirlwind right after
Inferno from the unique item Balrog Blade Flamebellow.
- German, Spanish, and Polish users will no longer crash when the mouse
cursor moves over an item that grants an Aura while equipped.
- The game will no longer crash when selecting a skill granted by a weapon
at the same time as switching weapons with the W key.
- Dying or being requested to trade while changing the key configuration
will no longer cause you to get stuck.
- The "Missile Firing too far" assertion error has been corrected.
- Attempting to sell a Horadric Cube or a quest item to an NPC by holding
Control while clicking will no longer disconnect you from Battle.net.

Minor Bugs

- Running the game with -install no longer causes the game to be installed
as a Windows Service. -install is now ignored.
- Sometimes the seals in Diablo's lair would not activate. This has been
- Character expiration messages have been updated to reflect the
expiration policy implemented in patch 1.10.
- Unidentified items sometimes caused other set items to display green for
items the player does not have. This has been corrected.
- The German mouseover text for the Ist rune has been corrected.
- Account recovery is now allowed for existing accounts whose name is only
one or two characters.
- When leaving a game on Battle.net, you will now be brought back to the
channel in which you were previously.
- Transmuting an ethereal item now retains the ethereal stats bonuses.
- In Japanese Lord of Destruction, items that add to all Assassin skills
incorrectly stated in their mouseover text that they added to all Druid
skills. This has been corrected.
- Battle.net messages for non-English versions have been corrected.

Fixed Game Exploits

- It is no longer possible to bypass the 10-second hostility timer by
activating a waypoint at the same time as declaring hostility.
- Uber Diablo is no longer killed when Shenk the Overseer or Blood Raven
die nearby.
- Necromancers with Trang-Oul's Set equipped could sometimes become
invincible to attack. This has been corrected.
- Blessed Hammer no longer remains active while in town, preventing
players from subsequently declaring hostility and having the hammers hit
other players for damage.
- Set items retained their multi-piece bonuses after the player died, even
though they were removed. This has been corrected.
- Items with skill-charging effects will no longer give synergy bonuses to
skills when equipped on a character without those skills.
- Pasting from the Clipboard no longer allows the creation of characters
with more than one dash or underscore in their name.

These are the changed that come with the 1.11 patch.. i got it straight from my C:/Program files/diabloII/patch folder...

(origionally posted by Johnny)

Myth-Edit: Got bored of people asking why they weren't indestructible 3 pages later when the question has been asked like 5 times.

Posted Image

Posted Image

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Extracted from the 1.11 patch_d2.mpq by me.

There are a lot of blank runewords in there too, with cool names. So far, these are the only ones that work, and have formulas.

(Origionaly posted by Richie)

Please note that none of the following information is official, and you cannot hold me responsible for any incorrect information found. I am simply reporting what I found in the .mpq files.

As you know, Blizzard stores common strings and information in patch_D2.mpq. By looking through it using certain modding programs, I was able to get a lot of information about what's new in the patch.

Please note that some things are server-side only (like some runeword bonuses).

Also, in the runewords I've listed before, the bonuses from the runes themselves are not included.

I have included the file and ID where you can find the following in your own patch_D2.mpq if you want to look into it yourself.

Without further ado, let's begin...

HellFire Torch Large Charm (UniqueItems.txt ID 402)
qLvl 110
Lvl 75 Required
Only 1 Can Be Carried
+0-6 Random class Skills
+10-20 All Stats
+10-20 All Resistances
+8 Light Radius
25% Chance To Cast Lvl10 FireStorm
Level 30 Hydra (10 charges)

Pandemonium Key 1 (misc.txt ID 141)
qLvl 0
Quest Item
Invo Space: 1h 2w

Pandemonium Key 2 (misc.txt ID 142)
qLvl 0
Quest Item
Invo Space: 1h 2w

Pandemonium Key 3 (misc.txt ID 143)
qLvl 0
Quest Item
Invo Space: 1h 2w

Diablo's Horn (misc.txt ID 144)
qLvl 0
Quest Item
Invo Space: 1h 1w

Baal's Eye (misc.txt ID 145)
qLvl 0
Quest Item
Invo Space: 1h 1w

Mephisto's Brain (misc.txt ID 146)
qLvl 0
Quest Item
Invo Space: 1h 1w

Standard of Heroes Small Charm (misc.txt ID 147)
qLvl 90
Lvl 90 Required
Rarity 4 (Equal to Tal Runes, Small Charms, Chipped Sapphires, Flawed Topazes, Amethysts, Rings, and Amulets)
Quest Item
Invo Space: 1h 1w

Pandemonium Portal (cubemain.txt ID 149)
Pandemonium Key 1 + Pandemonium Key 2 + Pandemonium Key 3

Panedomium Finale Portal (cubemain.txt ID 150)
Diablo's Horn + Baal's Eye + Mephisto's Brain

Principle (Runes.txt ID 132, Runeword110)
3os Body Armor
100% Chance to cast lvl 5 Holy Bolt on Striking
+2 to Paladin Skills
+100-150 Life
50% Enhanced Dmaage to Undead

Myth (Runes.txt ID 118, Runeword87)
3os Body Armor
10% Chance to Cast lvl 1 Taunt on Striking
3% Chance to Cast lvl 1 Howl When Hit
+2 to Barbarian Skills
+10 Replenish life

Peace (Runes.txt ID 121, Runeword98)
3os Body Armor
2% Chance to Cast Lvl 15 Valkyrie on Striking
4% Chance to Cast Lvl 5 Slow Missiles when Hit
+2 to Amazon Skills
+2 Critical Strike (All Classes)

Treachery (Runes.txt ID 149, Runeword148)
3os Body Armor
25% Chance to Cast Lvl 15 Venom on Striking
5% Chance to Cast Lvl 15 Fade When Hit
+2 to Assassin Skills
45% Increased Attack Speed

Rain (Runes.txt ID 138, Runeword117)
3os Body Armor
5% Chance to Cast Lvl 15 Twiser on Striking
5% Chance to Cast Lvl 15 Cyclone Armor When Hit
+2 to Druid Skills
+100-150 Mana

Bone (Runes.txt ID 77, Runeword8)
3os Body Armor
15% Chance to Cast Lvl 10 Bone Spear On Striking
15% Chance to Cast Lvl 10 Bone Armor When Hit
+2 to Necromancer Skills
+100-150 Mana

Enlightenment (Runes.txt ID 95, Runeword34)
3os Body Armor
5% Chance to Cast lvl 15 Fire Ball on striking
5% Chance to Cast Lvl 15 Blaze When Hit
+2 to Sorceress Skills
+1 Warmth (All Classes)

Vengeance (Runes.txt ID 154, Runeword153)
3os Weapon

Voice (Runes.txt ID ID 156, Runeword156)
2os Helm

Wonder (Runes.txt ID 167, Runeword167)
3os Wand

Plague (Runes.txt ID 128, Runeword 106)
3os Weapon
+260-380% Enhanced Damage to Demons
20% Chance to Cast Lvl 12 Lower Resist When Hit
25% Chance to Cast Lvl 15 Poision Nova on Striking
-23% Enemy Poison Resist
3% Deadly Strike / Level
Lvl 13-17 Cleansing Aura
+1-2 All Skills

New Strings: (patchstring.tbl)
x - Your connection has been temporarily restricted from this realm. Please try to log in at another time.
x - The CD-Key you are currently using is disabled from playing realm games. You may continue playing the game in Single Player and Open Battle.net.
Pandemonium Run 1 - Matron's Den
Pandemonium Run 2 - Forgotten Sands
Pandemonium Run 3 - Furnace of Pain
Lilith - Lilith
Hellfire Torch - Hellfire Torch
std - Standard of Heroes
mbr - Mephisto's Brain
bey - Baal's eye
dhn - Diablo's Horn
pk1 - Key of Terror
pk2 - Key of Hate
pk3 - Key of Destruction
x - The character '%s' has not been used enough and has expired.
x - A character that expires is deleted from the realm.
x - A Diablo II character must be played in a game, or it will eventually expire. When you first create a character, it expires 10 days after the last time it was played. Once that character has been played for two hours or more, it will not expire until three months from the time it was last played.
x - You cannot send your cdkey to another user on Battle.net. Blizzard will never ask you for your cdkey for any reason.

That's all I've managed to find right now. I'm going to try and research new area information, as well as the new uber monsters and their drop tables. I'll make another post with any news.

(Origionally posted by SaladFork)

Again I take no credit for any of the following you have just read, all of this can be origionaly found at;


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Posted 05 November 2005 - 06:50 PM

thanks for all the info :)