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Dclone Irc

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#1 TenD

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Posted 19 November 2006 - 02:47 PM

Guide is for anyone that needs help

This can be extremly difficult if your not very computer savy. This requires no hacks, or programs that will get you banned from d2. This is completly legal on our end and Blizz can not ban our cd keys for it. Now to the setup.

First things first this setup is for Windows based pc's. So if your a mac theres one step that may be difficult for you.
You must start off by downloading mIRC, it can be found here

Now once you have that downloaded, install it. Once installed it should come up to the options screen, enter a fake name and e-mail, then type in your clan name like example: TenaciousD for nickname and something like TD for alternative. once you have that done, look on the left and click on servers. then click edit, change the url to irc.dcloneirc.net (i think that is right i can't look at it now so i will revise this if it wrong), then hit okay. then on the top left hit the little lightning bolt to connect, it should bring up one window fast and then a room called #lobby, then type, /j #useast-dclone it should be more than just you in the room when you join it and will come up with a topic showing what servers are hot active slow and walked. If so you are in the right place. Explanation of Hot, Active, slow, co-op, walked.

Hot: Sojs are selling really fast on this server and will pop soon!!
Active: Sojs are selling steadily and may pop soon!!
Slow: an soj or 2 has been sold on it in the last half hour usually will not pop soon
Co-op: has been designated as a server for popping it is extremly hot, will pop very soon!!!
walked: has already popped in the last 24 hours.

it will show up like this in the topic (HOT: 54) the 54 is the server. Here is how you find out what server you are on when you make the game.

We all know were on useast but when you make a d2 game it takes you to a game server within useast server network.(to complicated to explain) Basicly what you have to do is this, make the game, minimize the go to start, run, type in cmd, hit enter, it will bring up a command prompt(this is why it may be a problem for mac users), type in netstat. it will bring up a list of all the connections you have out and where. Look through the list, there should be a column in the format like that is the list you want . find the one that ends in :4000, that is the d2 server you are on. it should be like The "54" part of that list is the important part, because those will be the only numbers that change. So say 62 is Hot, you would want to find The reason this is difficult is because you usually don't have more than 20 minutes to find it with about 5 dozen servers to look through, like i said take your time in creating the games and leaving, Try to spend a couple minutes in each game, do a couple mf runs in the game, leave and make a new one, check the ip, go back mf a little, leave make anew one, and so on. If you happen to get a good server that is active and will sell soon what you have to do is camp on it. Which means you just have to stay in the game you made and D2 clone will appear once enough sojs have sold. Once you have Diablo walks the earth message, find a super unique monster, i.e. Bishbosh, rakanishu(a1 stony field is most popular) even in a5 at frigid highlands, pindle, even the a4 seal uniques can be dclone, It will be the first super unique you encounter after the dclone walks the earth message. No matter where you are when it comes up. I should mention now before i forget he can only spawn in hell games so make sure you make it a hell game. Dclone is strong and cannot be easily killed without a good geared char, as he has max res in everything and does alot of damage. If you need help killing him go into mirc and ask someone with a + or better next to there name(in the list on the right) if they will join your game and help you kill him, They will not take your anni since most trusted have anni's.

A good little trick is to do this and it helps alot, On your desktop find your D2 shortcut(or make one if you don't have one) right click it and copy it and paste it right on the desktop. Now you have 2 D2 shortcuts on your desktop. Right click one of them and go to properties, under properties it should say target, in the quotes is where your d2 file is located, after the quotes do a space and then type -w and that only. When you double click that shortcut it will open D2 in windowed mode making it easier to minimize to check the ip.
If you like you can also space again and add -skiptobnet when you start the game with that in there it will skip the opening sequence and go straight to login sequence and should load up waiting for your pasword.

On the mIRC server there are files that claim to help out with the clone hunting, use at your own risk as they do break the eula and can get you banned.

#2 BreCalmor

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Posted 30 November 2006 - 10:12 AM

nice guide.  thanks

A longer, more detailed one for the mIRC part is here(by RaMeN):