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Guide of How to start a great ladder season

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#1 Sontdp

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Posted 14 September 2009 - 06:11 PM

This is for classic all methods will be

First you need 6 dedicated people or well you can do what I did originally join pub games and level up.  

6 characters you will need:

2 Sorcs
     -Enchanter to lvl up your other characters other people will want sorcs to
     -Rushing sorc(Rushing sorc guide)

1 Barb
     -Bo barb/ WW barb

1 necro
     -lower resist nerco with summons for meat shields and corpse explosion for cows

2 pally
     -hammerdin just like you would on lod
     -Conviction aura I suggest foh or just a generally help pally

Purpose of each

Level to 50ish:

Enchanter this is to level up your other sorcs that the other guys are gonna want of course also nice for mercs to get some more damage in.

Bo barb/ww barb good backup to kill immunes and get you a boost focus on the buffs clearly.

Level to as high as you can:

Necro more meat shields and damage and curses.  I need to test the best lr to use for it, but this works very well.

pallys - mainly for chaos runs and such so higher the better more life for them and more power

rushing sorc as high as you want you can do meph glitcher or whatever you like

It's kind of ragtag right now I'll clean up later and add some tips I did this last season really well with some friends and we had killers and over 100 characters rushed the 2nd day of ladder off of just my sorc and build.

#2 mattias

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Posted 30 November 2009 - 11:59 AM

Do you mean 6 dedicated people to later share each character?
or 1 person to make all 6 characters to use for rushing others?

and do you make more rush sorces? like one to stay in classic act3 to do meph glitch, and another to convert to expansion for rushing there?, and maybe another rushing sorc again for rushing classic.
i.e 3x classic rush sorc?