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Diablo 3 -- "And the Heavens Shall Tremble"

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Posted 05 July 2011 - 11:57 PM

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D3 Release Date: Q4 2011

Diablo III, while featured completely in 3D with a 3D environment, will follow closely in Diablo II's track by using the classic isometric view, fast gameplay and randomised content for high replayability. Some changes have been made in order to make the game faster and more flexible as well as making players choose and employ tactics rather than mindless mouseclicking. Besides taking well learned lessons from WoW, the developers have been inspired by games such as Zelda and God of War. Regardless, the game will be possible to play with a mouse alone, if a player so wishes (but you would be a lot less efficient).   http://www.diablowik...Diablo_3_Basics

Character Classes
Blizzard have confirmed that the game will ship with five characters. These are the Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, and Wizard. All five classes will be playable in male or female versions. The gender difference is purely cosmetic; male and female characters have identical stats and abilities. The classes are very distinct from one another; all armor appears different depending on which character is using it, the characters have completely unique skills, largely unique traits, and each has their own resource type.   Though all five classes for Diablo III have been revealed, more are expected in the expansions. See the Other classes article for Blizzard quotes on their additional character ideas.

on Diablo 3 began in 2005. Blizzard North, the team behind Diablo, Diablo II and the Lord of Destruction expansion, worked on the game for a short time before it was closed due to many employees leaving Blizzard.  This is likely one of the reasons why Diablo 3 was delayed for so long.   Diablo 3 will be avilable for multiplayer through Battle.net; Blizzard has stated that Diablo 3 was designed with mulitplayer as the most rewarding mode of play, though the single player campaign is available.   Diablo 3 will launch for the PC and Mac systems simultaneously.   The random dungeon generator is back.  Also added are enhanced quest system and random encounter generator.  Diablo 3 will still be have an isometric perspective, but will utilize a custom 3D engine, and the Havoc physics engine for collision detection.  Blizzard has stated that Diablo 3 character classes will have greater specialization.  Also, each class will be available in either genders but this choice will have no effect on gameplay.   The old armor, item and weapon slots will be retained from Diablo 2.  New slots will incude pants/leg armor and shoulder armor.  http://www.diablo3demo.com/info.html

Diablo 3 Game Overview:
Diablo 3 Toolbar / Quick Menu
Diablo 3 Enemy Display and Map
Diablo 3 Inventory Menu
Diablo 3 Potions, Gems, Runes and Jewels
Diablo 3 Gameplay Mechanics
Diablo 3 Bosses and Minibosses
Diablo 3 Physics

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Diablo 3 locales:
* New Tristram
* Caldeum
* The Borderlands[list=][/list]
Where to Download Diablo 3 demo?
   Everyone is dying to have a go at a playable Diablo 3 demo, but Blizzard has so far released only videos of gameplay demonstrations.  There has been rumors floating around that Blizzard will announce a Diablo 3 Beta accessible through Battle.net like they have with past games.  Stay tuned for updates and where to sign up if a Diablo 3 beta test is announced.

Diablo 3 info and news
  After 8 years of waiting, Blizzard has finally announced the next highly anticipated installment in the Diablo series.  Blizzard has not released a playable Diablo 3 demo as of yet since the game is currently still in development. However, Blizzard has stated that the game engine and mechanics are complete, all that is left is to add additional content and tweaking and balancing.  http://www.diablo3demo.com/index.html