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DcloneIRC & Dclone Hunting

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Posted 06 July 2011 - 12:13 AM

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DcloneIRC http://www.dcloneirc.net/forums/

First off, DcloneIRC is not a clan but is a community of diablo players new and old. Membership is free. 95% are
softcore diablo players; most are expansion ladder; a few play hardcore; a few play classic. The main objective is dclone hunting. The Annihilus (unique small charm) is highly sought after by all D2 players and makes for profitable d2jsp trading. DcloneIRC can be accessed using any IRC chat software.

Members actively text chat. Ventrillo voice chat available. Free dclone walks, scavenger hunts, ironman, crazycows. Free softcore and hardcore grushes & uberleveling. Muling service is provided. Coops are DcloneIRC sanctioned dclone walks whereby members pay 8 nonladder softcore sojs or 48fg to get in. Coop particitpants get 2 hours to hunt for the designated ip server to be walked. Sitter bots are ran in coop channel for free softcore and hardcore games.

Q: What is Diablo Clone?
A: Diablo Clone is the special world event added to the game in patch 1.10 by Blizzard.
Q: What is special about Diablo Clone?
A: Diablo Clone is the only monster in the game that drops the unique annihilus small charm.
Q: Are you interested in dclone hunting?  
A: Join DcloneIRC ... free grushes, free walks off and on, offer dclone coops, (useast, uswest, & europe bnet servers).  Coops are organized private walks whereby participants share the cost of walking dclone.
Q: Are you interested in dclone hunting? How do I kill?
A: Suggested dclone killers: crushing blow smiter, charged strike amazon, or hammerdin.

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Diablo Walks the Earth
The Diablo Clone (DC) is officially called Uber Diablo by Blizzard and is a demon. DC appears in place of the next Super Unique you come to that you haven't already visited.   To our knowledge, the actual distance between your char and the SU when it spawns is not stated anywhere. However, we think it's a very safe bet this distance will be the same as the distance that activates your quest button, i.e. approaching the hell forge smith your quest button is generally activated 2 screens before you actually get to see Hephasto.

Dclone has the following resistances: link
-95% to cold
-95% to fire
-95% to poison
-95% to lightning
-50% to magic
-50% to physical.
-About 650,000 life
-Monster level of 110
-Very high attack rating and defense
-Does high amounts of physical, lightning and fire damage

Q. How and where does the Diablo Clone spawn?
A. Diablo Clone spawns when between 75-125 soj have been sold on a single server since the last World Event on that server. See DcloneIRC counts webpage.

He will spawn in place of the first SUPER UNIQUE monster you come across. He cannot spawn in place of an end act boss (Andariel, Duriel, Mephisto, Diablo or Baal). He will also spawn in place of a quest related SU/Special regardless of whether you have completed the quest or not.   Best practice is to decide where you want the clone to spawn and do not visit that area until the ‘Diablo walks the earth’ message appears.  

Dclone Spawns in Place of Super Uniques
ACT 1 

Corpsefire Zombie (The Den of Evil) 
Bishibosh Fallen Shaman (The Cold Plains) 
Blood Raven Corrupt Rogue Archer (The Burial Grounds) 
Bonebreaker Skeleton (The Crypt) 
Coldcrow Dark Ranger (The Cave) 
Rakanishu Carver (The Stony Field) 
Treehead Woodfist Brute (Dark Wood) 
Griswold Character from Diablo - Undead (Tristram) 
The Countess Dark Stalker (The Forgotten Tower) 
The Smith Special - Demon (The Barracks) 
Pitspawn Fouldog Tainted (Jail Level 2) 
Bone Ash Burning Dead Mage (The Cathedral) 


Radament Greater Mummy (Sewers Level 3) 
Creeping Feature Decayed (Stony Tomb Level 2) 
Blood Witch the Wild Huntress (Halls of the Dead Level 3) 
Beetleburst Death Beetle (Far Oasis) 
Coldworm the Burrower Sand Maggot Queen (Maggot's Lair Level 3) 
Dark Elder Plague Bearer (Lost City) 
Fangskin Salamander (Claw Viper Temple Level 2) 
Fire Eye (Invader) Found in: Palace Cellar Level 3) 
The Summoner Special (Arcane Sanctuary) 
Ancient Kaa the Soulless Unraveler (False Tal Rasha Tomb) 

ACT 3 

Sszark the Burning Flame Spider (Spider Cavern) 
Witch Doctor Endugu Soul Killer Shaman (Flayer Dungeon Level 3) 
Stormtree Thrasher (Entering Lower Kurast) 
Battlemaid Sarina Flesh Hunter (The Ruined Temple) 
Icehawk Riftwing Gloombat (Sewers Level 1) 
Ismail Vilehand Council Member (Travancil) 
Geleb Flamefinger Council Member (Travancil) 
Toorc Icefist Council Member (Travancil) 
Bremm Sparkfist Council Member (Durance of Hate Level 3) 
Wyand Voidbringer Council Member (Durance of Hate Level 3) 
Maffer Dragonhand Council Member (Durance of Hate Level 3) 

ACT 4 

Izual Animal - special (Plains of Despair) 
Hephasto The Armourer Demon - special (River of flame) 
Grand Vizier of Chaos Storm Caster (The Chaos Sanctuary) 
Lord De Seis Oblivion Knight (The Chaos Sanctuary) 
Infector of Souls Venom Lord (The Chaos Sanctuary) 


Dac Farren Demon Gremlin (The Bloody Foothills) 
Shenk the Overseer Overseer (The Bloody Foothills) 
Eldritch the Rectifier Enslaved (Frigid Highlands) 
Thresh Socket Blood Bringer (Arreat Plateau) 
Eyeback the Unleashed Death Mauler (Frigid Highlands) 
Sharptooth Slayer Overlord (Frigid Highlands) 
Frozenstein Frozen Abyss (Frozen River) 
Bonesaw Breaker Reanimated Horde (Glacial Trail) 
Snapchip Shatter Frozen Creeper (Icy Cellar) 
Pindleskin Defiled Warrior (Nihlathak's Temple) 
Nihlathak Special (Halls of Vaught) 
Talic Special (The Arreat Summit) 
Madawc Special (The Arreat Summit) 
Korlic Special (The Arreat Summit) 
Colenzo the Annihilator Warped Shaman (Throne of Destruction) 
Achmel the Cursed Greater Mummy (Throne of Destruction) 
Bartuc the Bloody Council Member (Throne of Destruction) 
Ventar the Unholy Venom Lord (Throne of Destruction) 
Lister the Tormentor Minion of Destruction (Throne of Destruction) 
Q. Where does DC spawn?
Spawns in place of superunique monsters.
Q. You said "Kick the Clone's ass" but that's not easy! How do I kill him?
See the index in the Forum "Killing DC".
Q. How long will DC stay in game?
Forever, in theory. Practically, until the game or server crashes or you lose your connection.
Q. Does the number of Anni charms DC drops depend on how many people are in game?
No, DC always drops one Anni (Except in Classic).
Q. What does the "XXX Soj sold to merchants" message mean?
Pretty much exactly what it says, that xxx SoJ hav been sold to NPCs on that server.
The server Soj count goes up with each Soj sold on that server. However, a "...sold to merchants" message will not be displayed more often than once every 60 seconds.
Selling Soj and not getting a message doesn't mean your Soj did not count: it does! If a message with "300 Soj sold..." appears and you rapidly sell let's say 4 Soj, you will not get another message. But wait 1 minute and sell 1 more Soj: A "305 SoJ sold..." message will now be shown.

Q. How do I find the Clone?
1. Make games until you find the desired active IP.
2. Idle in-game until the "Diablo walks..." message appears.
3. Spawn DC in place of the SU at your favorite location.
4. Kick the Clone's ass.

Q. How do I find the desired IP?
1. Click on START.
2. Click on RUN.
3. Type in " cmd " or " command " without the quotes.
4. While your in the "cmd" (DOS-Box/DOS-prompt) window, type:
" netstat -n " without the quotes.
5. A list of IPs should appear in the "cmd" window. Look for the line that has: 213.248.106.XXX:4000.
4000 tells you that it is the battle.net game server. XXX is the IP number.
6. When people post IPs with let's say " Soj count 2304 @ .167 " you would then want to find IP .167. So create a hell game and go to the "cmd" window and type "netstat -n" without the quotes. If the number isn't .167 continue to make more games and repeat the process with netstat -n. This can take time, Blizzard has 77 D2 servers atm. Once you are on .167, wait for Diablo Clone to walk and collect your prize!
Optional is the Maphack cheat, which can also be configured to show the game IP and is covered in the software section.

Q. How do I idle for hours without losing my game?
There are ways to do this in all acts except act 4 but these are the easiest and most reliable two places to do this:
1. Starting from the act 5 town WP, go up the stairs halfway until you are on the landing between you stash and Malah. Stand a bit to the left, so that you have about 1/3 of the landing to the left and 2/3 on the right. Now click on your stash. Your char will run to the left and get caught on the corner. He can now run forever without getting tired. You can chat, message and even check your inventory while "shaking". With practice you'll get it down everytime. This is much easier than the description FPRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT=Wink"
2. Go somewhere in act 5 and open a TP. Return to town and enter Malah's house. Go near the right wall and click on the TP. You should get caught at the doorway and not reach the TP.

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What is the lowest level possible to kill dclone?
Lowest I heard was a level 19
Softcore level 24 pally.

Q. How much experience does killing DC give?
Arreat Summit claims a whopping 5,539,200 exp for killing DC but this is not true, at least not under any circumstances we have been able to reproduce. Actual experience gained will depend on your char level as well as the number of players who were in the game at the time DC was spawned. Here are some approximate values for your reference:
Level 85 char: 1,000,000 exp, 1 player spawn
Level 90 char: 275,000 exp, 1 player spawn
Level 93 char: 120,000 exp, 1 player spawn
Level 90 char: 425,000 exp, 4 player spawn
Level 92 char: 240,000 exp, 2 player spawn
Level 97 char: 110.000 exp, 3 player spawn

Q. Can DC appear more than once?
No. The Clone cannot appear more than once in a single game.  Yes, that is a maybe if you sell another 80-120 sojs.
Q. Is there any way I can pick up or carry more than 1 Annihilus charm?
One never knows for sure what hacks are out there, but no, you cannot have more than 1 charm on a character.  For softcore, you die with one in character inventory, then once dead pick up second.  Of course, such does not work on hardcore.

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Posted 06 July 2011 - 12:14 AM

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DcloneIRC forums http://www.dcloneirc.net/forums/
Soj Counts http://www.counts.dcloneirc.net/
Soj Counts (Europe only) http://dclone.eskyss...m/index.php?l=1 . . http://dclone.is-a-c...jdb.php?sort=ip .. http://www.dcboard.d...ewforum.php?f=3
Arreat Summit  http://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/
D2 Reference Guide http://www.dcloneirc...?showtopic=2527
D2 Reference Guide http://www.diablowiki.com/Main_Page

New Member Information
Alot of new people come in the server and unknowingly break the rules and wonder why they get kicked. Here is a basic guide to follow when you are on the IRC Server.  To get on, download mIRC from http://www.mirc.com.  If you already have mIRC or some alternative IRC client installed, you can click irc://irc.dcloneirc.net/ to connect to the server. Or you can manually connect to the server through mIRC by typing: /server irc.dcloneirc.net

Posted Image

To join a channel, type: /join #channelname
For a dclone-hunting guide http://www.dcloneirc...hp?showtopic=89

The main channels are:
#useast-dclone - For USEast server users
#uswest-dclone - For USWest server users
#europe-dclone - For Europe server users.
#bots - For any talk about bots/hacks
#chat - For offtopic conversation

IRC Channels
For list of irc channels (dcloneirc)   type  /list
For muling assistance   type /join #muling  -- then once in #muling channel -- type !help
To join a dclone channel once your nick is registered   type /join #useast-dclone or #uswest-dclone or #europe-dclone (whichever realm you play)
To view top 3 server ip   type -top

For help in #useast-dclone  type ?? help  -- type ?? space then the reference you wish --  co-op, counts, dos-ip, dcloneirc, forums, identify, irpg, miswalk, miswalked, nick, register, rules, top, trusted, vent.
For misc info and trade  type  /join #useast-trade  -- then type  !cmds
-- help topics will be displayed -- type ! then the reference you wish -- !RW (runeword) for stats, !Runes (runeword) for recipe, !Arreat, !Aliases, !Socket, !Repair, !highlite, !merc, !perform, !reporter, !findip, !register, !d2loader, !Upgrade, !sandbox, !vent !aura
For help with bots  type /join #bots -- then type ?? cmds --  ?? bots, ?? tools, ?? sandbox, ?? realmdown, ?? idle, ?? guides
For free rushes on east, /join #useast-rushes  type !cmds for commands  -- type !help then !rushme, scl, scnl, or hcl, your nick, and from where to where you wish to be rushed -- be patient

DcloneIRC Rules
[1] Keep it on topic as per the channel Topic.
[2] NO Talking of Dupes, Hacks or Bots in the Dclone channels.
[3] Trades/Price checks belong in trade channels only.
[4] Talking in all or excessive caps, Nick flooding, and/or Abusing bots will result in kicks or bans.
[5] The use of colors, bold or underline is reserved for the Ops and Voices only.
[6] Foul language, Avoiding the swear filter or unapproved links to other sites WILL NOT be tolerated.
[7] Clones will be kicked, unless you have a valid reason with permission from an admin.
[8] Don't ask people to sell SoJs in an IP, don?t ask someone to stop selling and don?t shout out random IP's/counts in the channel.
[9] Don?t beg people for free games and do not try to sell games, you may only GIVE them away.
[10] Do not offer to help people if you are not a +v or higher, but if someone comes to you and requests your help you may help them.
[11] +v is given to people that are trustworthy and helpful do NOT ask for it, if you lose it you have to re-earn it.
[12] Co-op is run by the ops on this server, DO NOT try and hold your own Co-op.
[13] Asking for or about the Co-op IP is NOT tolerated.
[14] Respect all users on this server. Disrespecting users can lead to kicks and bans from the channel and possible server bans.
[15] If an OP tells you to do something, please don?t argue with them. If you do you will be kicked or banned from the channel.
[16] Never piss a server admin off - Only bad things become of it.
[17] If you have a problem with any of these rules Please refer to rule number #16.

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Updating Soj Counts on USEast
When you observe sojs sales or walks not already posted in USEAST -- type in in this format -- IP@COUNT and / or IP@WALK -- take screen shot by clicking  "prt scrn" button on keyboard -- screenshot can be found in d2 folder -- then pm link (tinypic.com or imageshack.us) to Nicademus, Dragoon, or SilverFox.  Thanks.

Posted Image
Sojs Counts http://counts.dcloneirc.net/

USEast:  31 to 180 (ip servers)
USWest: 17 to 165
Europe: 30 to 241

Basics of Diablo Clone Hunting, Volume 1
Sontdp's guide: (excerpt from http://www.isattitude.com/dclone.html)

Hello I'm Sontdp owner of the Alchemy guild and long time clone hunter and I'm here to explain how to successfully hunt Diablo Clone or Dclone as he called.  

The first step you need to take is to find somewhere that a large group of people are hunting Dclone. This makes it a lot easier because these people might know information on certain servers you don't know or have missed. DcloneIrc is one such place. They have channels dedicated to just that. and there is ussually at least one walk per day, ussually many more than that. Go to the mirc page for a guide to joining the DcloneIrc server.

How Dclone Spawns, Volume 1, Chapter 1
It takes about 70-130 Stones of Jordan (SoJs) sold to the vendors to get Dclone to spawn on that server. He will spawn in the place of a Super Unique Monster. Ex. Corpsefire in the Den of Evil, Eldritch in the Frigid Highlands. All other rumors besides selling SoJs to vendors are false. When you sell a SoJ it is gone forever.  Note: If you attempt to go to one of these places before he spawns it sometimes does not want to spawn there or you kill the super unique dclone will not spawn there.

Why sell sojs, to who, for what and what kind: Volume 1, Chapter 2
The number one question most people have is why sell sojs when most the time a soj on softcore ladder will cost more then an anni on softcore ladder. Sojs sold on any of the cores wether ladder or non to. And he will also walk in all of these(scnl, scl, hcnl, and hcl in all hell games for the server).  

So buy selling an unperm soj on scnl and having a hcl game you spend 5-10 fg per soj and you get about 50 fg per hcl anni (prices vary from realm to realm and change on supply and demand). So if you are a large hunter you can sell let's say 100 sojs to walk a server and have 40 hcl games and double the money you spent to walk the server.   Who do you sell to really which merchant you sell to is your choice personally I do one of the ones in act 1 because mules I use to sell on are not rushed and I don't play on them because my sojs are generally unpermed. Merchant is just defined as a non playable character(npc) that you can trade with either buying or selling goods or both.   What kind of sojs do you sell you ask? Unperm SCNL why ? because there cheap and serve no other purpose it is a very wide spread rumor that Diablo clone was put into the game simply to get rid of the masses of sojs that had been duped back in the olden days. You can sell on scl, hcnl, hcl or even perm sojs but it doesn't really matter generally if your going to buy them unperm scnl will be your cheapest to get.

How To Get On The Correct Server, Volume 1, Chapter 3
ALL GAMES NEED TO BE IN HELL DIFFICULTY.   Manual Way to out find out the IP that your own. First, create a game on Diablo II. Then go to your desktop. Choose Start. Go to Run. Type in cmd in the run box. from there another box will appear this is your cmd box. In your cmd box you will type in netstat -n. From here you will be looking for the numbers at the end that match .4000 the 2 or 3 numbers in front of this will the current ip your on. Also you can use -netstat n | find "4000". That will only find the info of games on b.net I find this little bit more confusing and work.  Now you know how to get on a certain server you have to know which server you want to get on

How to Know Dclone Spawned: Volume 1, Chapter 4
Dclone will only spawn in one place. If you come in a game and see that it says Diablo Walks The Earth unless you just made the game and your the only person in it then I would go seriously looking for him. It very difficult to get the anni from the kill in public games due to leechers and people with there killer already in your game.

Killing Dclone, Volume 1, Chapter 5
Dclone will drop one and only one Unidentified Annihilus charm (ANNI) no matter how many people are in the game. Dclone will spawn only once per game and will spawn on every server on the realm including any classic games but charms do not exist, so no anni. LIMIT 1 ANNI PER CHARACTER.  There are a few particular builds that can kill him extremely fast, such as a Charged Strike Amazon, a character that says Agent can drop Dclone with in 5 seconds. Zealers and Smiters take a little longer but are still extremely effective.

Diablo Clone Stats, Volume 1, Chapter 6
Diablo Clone Stats
Cold: +95% .......... Fire: +95%
Lightning: +95% .... Poison: +95%
Magic: +50% ........ Physical: +50%

Melee Attack 1 has 14043 Attack Rating
Melee Attack 2 has 13064 Attack Rating
Defense is about 2940 .. 50% Chance to Block
Monster level of 110
(Note: Based off one player being in game)

Unique Small Charm - Anni Stats:
Required Level: 70
+1 To All Skills
+10-20 To All Attributes (varies)
All Resistances +10-20 (varies)
+5-10% To Experience Gained (varies)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)

How to hold 2 annis on one char: Volume 1, Chapter 7
This only works in Softcore Modes Due to you have to die to do it.
Step one: Go into the wilderness where there are monsters
Step two: Pick the anni up like your going to drop it but DON'T
Step three: Allow the monsters to kill you Note: The anni will automatically drop to your dead body
Step four: Go back to where you died and make sure that your anni didn't drop on the ground
Step five: Go collect the other anni
Step six: If you died any time going to get the anni go back and get all those dead bodies
Step seven: Try and pick up the body with the other anni on it.  Note: it should say I can't do this but it will let you get your gear back and leave the anni on the dead body
Step eight: leave and transfer the anni to a mule char collect the other body and your good to go.  Note: I'm not responsible for any anni lost and this can be patched at any time.  Note: you will not get stats from the anni on the dead body

Myths about Dclone Hunting: Volume 1, Chapter 8
1. If you sell a stone of jordan(soj) you can buy it back. 100% False on closed Battle.net servers once you sell it is gone forever just like if you sell an anni charm or torch to merchants
2. If you kill all the super unquies then Diablo Clone will spawn. Again 100% False if you took the time to kill all, I think theres like 62, then it would take you a long time to find them all but he wouldl not spawn.
3. If you spawn Diablo Clone at Ancients you can kill him with a tp You don't really kill him it's kind of like he just teleports away and takes the charm with him :/
4. Dclone spawns in Classic This is true but he doesn't spawn the charm when you kill him :/

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Posted 06 July 2011 - 12:14 AM

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Detailed How-to Guide for Logging into DcloneIRC

-- Step 1. Download mirc http://www.mirc.com/
-- Step 2. Run mirc.exe, click continue button until at the mIRC options screen, choose nickname and secondary nickname, enter email address
-- Step 3. Under "Category/Connect" highlight "servers" then click "add" button,
............ insert the following: description ( dcloneirc ), irc server ( irc.dcloneirc.net ),
............ ports ( 6667 ), leave group and password empty, then click add, then ok.
-- Step 4. Once online with irc.dcloneirc.net... to register your nick please type " /nickserv register <password><email address> ."  Choose any nic not already being used and enter your password. Gmail from google.com works great.
-- Step 5. Once typing the registration, a confirmation email will be sent to the entered email. You need to reply to activate your registration.
-- Step 6. After activating, you need to identify by typing " /nickserv identify <password> ".
-- Step 7. For a list of available channels, type "/list". If any problems, you can join the help channel by typing "/join #help".
-- Step 8. Main channels to join for useast are  #useast-dclone, #uswest-dclone, #europe-dclone, #bots, #chat, #muling.
-- Step 9. Next time, you can bypass typing your irc password by clicking on file tab, then options, then perform, type /msg ns identify <password>
-- Step 10. Feel free to ask questions. Follow the rules of conduct. Have fun.

Mirc setup utube for Dclone IRC

If you need a client you may try XChat: http://www.xchat.org/
A web-based IRC client: http://www.mibbit.com/

Step 1: DcloneIRC Login using mIRC
Download mIRC from http://www.mirc.com, version 7.17 is latest.  Click on exe, follow the prompts, enter login information as follows:

Posted Image
Click on "Connect" on left, enter a nickname and alternate nickname on right
You will need to choose a nickname that is not already in use.
Posted Image
Click "Servers" on left
Posted Image
Click "Add" button on right
Posted Image
Enter Dcloneirc into description, enter irc.dcloneirc.net (or into irc server, 6667 into ports

Step 2: Connect to DcloneIRC
Posted Image
Startup mirc.exe, then click "Continue"
Posted Image
Click "Connect" button.

Posted Image
DcloneIRC Welcome Screen

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Posted 06 July 2011 - 12:15 AM

Step 3: Register and identify
You will need to register and identify to access DcloneiRC server and irc channels.  

To register: Type   /nickserv register and your email address and your password to irc
for example: /nickserv johndoe@gmail.com abcdefg
To identify:   Type /nickserv identify and your password to irc

Posted Image

Step 4: DcloneIRC Auto Login
Posted Image
Click on "Options" on left then perform button on right
Posted Image
Checkmark "Enable perform on connect", then enter the following: /msg nickserv identify and your login password

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

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Posted 06 July 2011 - 12:15 AM

(Optional) Setting up Proxies via Sockscap 2.4 or Sockscap32
http://d2proxies.com/sockscap.zip .. http://www.brotherso...cap-192885.html

Posted Image
Posted Image
Excerpt from http://d2proxies.com/

Learning about proxies http://www.proxyway.com/

(Optional) Setting up Proxies via Proxifier 2.91  
Posted Image

Bypass firewall and proxy, tunnel connections through ...With Proxifier you can work with any Internet client (browsers, FTP, IRC, BitTorrent, messengers, telnet, SSH, video/audio, games...) through a network that ...   Serial:  REY1P-89OAS-A8M5T-74QR1-MN2EE .. Serial:  79YY8-WJYVM-229HN-4BLRG-JX7RB
Serial:  PKYHJ-MJQFS-K2ZYT-CM9YH-SJQPE .. Documentation: http://www.proxifier...cumentation.htm

1. Click on proxy settings, enter proxy address & port, socks version 5, username/password if needed
2. Click on proxification rules, check process only the following & manual proxified, add new rule, browe to d2 folder, select game.exe

Posted Image

Example batch file to start up one instance of diablo sandboxed then proxified


"C:\Program Files\Sandboxie\Start.exe" /box:1 "G:\D\02\Diablo II.exe" -w
"C:\Program Files\Sandboxie\Start.exe" /box:1 "C:\Program Files\Proxifier\Proxifier.exe"  
Posted Image

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Posted 06 July 2011 - 12:15 AM

Using Sandboxie to Run Multiple D2 Same Computer
Install first d2, rename d2 folder to "diablo 1", uninstall d2, install second d2, rename folder, uninstall, and so forth.  I use sandboxie.  It is similar to VMWare and allows you to open mutiple d2 on the same computer.  Sandboxed d2 runs in a protected environment.  
Sandboxie Help & FAQ: http://www.sandboxie....php?HelpTopics  
Blizzhackers Guide http://www.blizzhack...c.php?p=4107618

To download sandboxie
Do not update to 3.48 or higher as old registration codes will no longer work.

To register 3.46
Open sandbox control.  Click "help" tab, click "register", insert
Name //  Serial ..... ChattChitto // F5LB6C2 ..... Diablo // ZFQS9BA ..... Rage // YCFNJ51

To create sandboxes
Click "sandbox" tab, click "create new sandbox," type 1, press ok.  And so forth, 1,2,3,4,....  Afterwhich, right click on sandbox created, click "sandbox settings," check "show sandbox name in window title." Click ok and so forth.  Close sandbox control.

Method 1: Sandboxed d2
To open d2 sandboxed
Create d2 shortcuts on windows taskbar, right click shortcut, choose "run sandboxed," then left click which sandbox you want.  I use sandbox "1" for first d2, "2" for second d2, and so forth.

Method 2: Sandboxed d2
1) create shortcut
2) replace target "SANDBOXLOCALTION\start.exe" "D2LOCATION"
Example: "C:\Program Files\Sandboxie\Start.exe" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo II key2\Diablo II.exe" -w)
Example: "C:\Program Files\Sandboxie\Start.exe" /box:5 "C:\Temp\Diablo 5\Diablo II.exe" -w
Example: "C:\Program Files\Sandboxie\Start.exe" /box:1 "G:\113\Diablo 1\Diablo.exe" -w
Example: "C:\Program Files\Sandboxie\Start.exe" /box:2 "G:\113\Diablo 2\Diablo.exe" -w

Sandboxie Guide: http://www.gamersvau...andboxie-15563/
Sandboxie Guide: http://www.blizzhack...?f=166&t=449145

Sandboxie Tip:

I use d2ckey to change cdkeys. What I suggest is to make a master directory of d2sfx.mpq and d2char.mpq. These 2 files hold the diablo2 and expansion cdkeys.

folder 1 = cdkey 1 = has d2sfx.mpq and d2char.mpq for cdkey1
folder 2 = cdkey 2 = has d2sfx.mpq and d2char.mpq for cdkey2
folder 3 = cdkey 3 = has d2sfx.mpq and d2char.mpq for cdkey3
folder 4 = cdkey 4 = has d2sfx.mpq and d2char.mpq for cdkey4
and so forth

- then back up to another location or burn to disk
- make a readme.txt file reflecting the cdkeys -- which is which by folder
Furthermore -- i copy/paste mutiple diablo folders then insert respective cdkeys. i create sandbxoie folders with "1", "2", "3", and so forth. cdkey 1 is put into sandbox "1", and so forth. doing such keeps it is simple.

Suggest making the following modifications in sandboxie settings for each of your sandboxes.  Right on sandbox, choose sandboxie settings,
1. Choose appearance, check don't show sandboxie indicator when used with proxifier.  Or if you wish to number your sandboxie, choose show show sandbox name in title.

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