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DcloneIRC IRC Server Help

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Posted 24 February 2006 - 08:03 PM

Alot of new people come in the server and unknowingly break the rules and wonder why they get kicked. Here is a basic guide to follow when you are on the IRC Server:

First of all, to get on, you can either click here or you can download mIRC from www.mirc.com
If you already have mIRC or some alternative IRC client installed, you can click irc://irc.dcloneirc.net/ to connect to the server. Or you can manually connect to the server through mIRC by typing: /server irc.dcloneirc.net

To join a channel, type: /join #channelname

For a dclone-hunting guide go Here

The main channels are:
#useast-dclone - For USEast server users
#uswest-dclone - For USWest server users
#europe-dclone - For Europe server users.
#bots - For any talk about bots/hacks
#chat - For offtopic conversation

Here are the rules for being on the server:

[1] Keep it on topic as per the channel Topic.

[2] NO Talking of Dupes, Hacks or Bots in the useast channel.

[3] Talking in all caps, colors, Nickflooding, and/or Abusing bots will result in kicks or bans.

[4] Excessive Foul Language or Links To Other Sites WILL NOT be Tolerated.

[5] Clones will be kicked, unless you have a valid reason with permision.

[6] Don't beg people to sell SoJs in an IP or shout out random IP's or counts in the channel.

[7] Begging or Selling of games is not allowed, you may only GIVE them away. [8] +v is given to people that are trustworthy and helpfull do NOT ask for it, if you lose it you have to re-earn it.

[9] Co-op is ran by the ops on this server, DO NOT try and hold your own Co-op.

[10] Asking for or about the Co-op IP is NOT tolerated.

[11] Never piss a server admin off - Only bad things become of it.

[12] If you have a problem with any of these rules Please refer to rule number #11.

Here are the commands for finding out IP information:

-top - This command will show you the top 3 IP's, the number of SOJ's they are up since the last walk, the number of SOJ's sold on the server in total and the last walk count.

/msg dclone-east -event IP - Replace IP with the IP you are looking for (e.g /msg dclone-east -event 163) and it will give you all the information you need on that particular IP.

!list - This will list all of the current sellgames available and their IP's.

That is pretty much all you will need to know. If you follow these rules, then you are bound to enjoy your stay on the IRC server.